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Court Room

A septuagenarian, Mr Tajudeen Giwa, has asked an Ikorodu Customary Court in Lagos State to dissolve his marriage of over 40 years because his wife ignores him and denies him sex. The petitioner is also alleging that his 63-year-old wife, Karimut, has become a threat to his life and usually incites their seven children against him. “Karimut does not care for me again; she denies me my matrimonial right to sleep with her. “She gangs up with our children against me, to the extent that they threaten my life on her behalf. “I am fed up with the marriage and I no longer love her,” the petitioner, who resides at No. 1, Idiorogbo Village, Itokin Road, Ikorodu told the court. In her response, Karimut, said that the allegations by her husband were false. She said although her husband did not care well enough for her and their children, she did not want to divorce him. Karimut told the court that the petitioner usually slept around with other women and always threatens to chase her and the children staying with them away for no good reason. ”My husband is not a reasonable man and is a very inconsiderate person,” she claimed. The children of the petitioner are four males and three women. The oldest male child is 39 years old; the oldest female is 36 years, while the youngest is a 16-year-old girl. In her ruling, the President of the court, Mrs Omolara Abiola, said that the court would do everything within its power to save the marriage which is more than 40-years-old. ”This court is more focused on saving marriages. ”And it behooves on it to try to secure this union than to dissolves a marriage of such age, with seven children, most of whom are above 30,” she said. Abiola, therefore, urged the petitioner and the respondent to “maintain peace and harmony, pending the determination of the case’’. The Court President added that “Karimut should not ignore her husband as such action usually infuriated men’’. Abiola adjourned the case till March 22 for further mediation and added that some of the children to the respondent should be present at the next hearing.

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