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Why Women Prefer to have Sex at Night

It has been said that while men prefer morning sex, (they are naturally even ready for it if you know what I mean) women will rather get it on at night.   The reasons for this might be peculiar for each woman, but there are some basic reasons that will ...

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7 Fascinating Facts About The Hymen (a.k.a. The Cherry)

The hymen—the small lining of tissue that partially covers the vaginal opening—is practically synonymous with a slew of lady-part myths: You’re not a virgin if you’ve popped your “cherry”! You’ll bleed the first time you have s*x! Remember those from back in the day? Sigh. It’s time to get the ...

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6 Lessons You Can Learn From Her Sex Toys

These days more women have reverted to sex toys instead of having sex with male partners. There are reasons for this. Some women said they are freer with toys, no shyness, no hiding of feelings, they just manipulate the toys the way they like. Some other women said they found ...

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Men not Reliable, I Prefer Sex Toys, Says Joju

Tinsel star, Joju Maryam Muse, has disclosed that sex toys are more reliable and trustworthy than most boyfriends. Muse, who is still single, said most African men cannot stand a woman who is more successful than them. In a recent chat with New Telegraph, the model and budding songstress hinted ...

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Why You should Give Your Man a Blow Job Today

Dick Service   His pleasure is in your hands (or mouth) and you decide how much more or less you can give him. And one wrong move can bring him down to his knees, pleading for mercy, if you know what we mean. Blow jobs are a guy’s favourite move ...

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I Had Sex for 23 Years and Never Orgasmed—Until I Tried This Trick

I’m 45 years old, but I didn’t have my first orgasm until three years ago. It wasn’t for lack of trying, either. I was 19 when I lost my virginity. It was the guy’s first time, too, and afterward, I couldn’t help but think, “This is sex? What a disappointment.” ...

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