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The obsession with Big Penis by Francis Ewherido

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Men have always been obsessed with the size of their penises. Here in Africa many tribes evolved various measures for enlarging their male organs before the Europeans arrived. We get inundated everyday with adverts on penis enlargement drugs.

There is so much misinformation. Younger people need to be properly guided before they go into depression or commit suicide over non issues. Many men desire bigger penis. Some young people have low self-esteem because of the size of their penis.

Youngsters are my focus today.
I started writing this article when I remembered I did two articles on the subject about seven years ago, one of them Penis Tinz (Penis tinz – Vanguard News (vanguardngr.com) deals with the issue substantially, took some relevant portions and added fresh materials and perspectives to bring it to the present.

Does size matter when it comes to procreation? Absolutely not. As long as the penis is big enough to go into the vagina, any man can procreate if he has healthy sperms and the wife does not have issues of infertility like blocked fallopian tubes and infections, among others. “About 10 years ago, the penises of 1,200 volunteers from all over India were measured. The outcome of the survey showed that Indian men had smaller penises by international standards.

Irked by the findings, Sunil Mehra, a former Indian magazine editor said: ‘It’s not size, it’s what you do with it that matters (emphasis mine).


From our population (of over one billion people), the evidence is Indians are doing pretty well. With apologies to the poet Alexander Pope, you could say, for inches and centimeters, let fools contend.” Gorillas and humans share 95 to 99 percent DNA.

Gorillas have one of the smallest penis (1.5 inches or 4cm when erect) in the world compared to body size and weight. If the size of the penis mattered in procreation, gorillas would have gone extinct by now.

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Does size of the penis matter in sexual satisfaction of your wife? The answer is yes and no. I have read stories of wives who sued for divorce because their husbands’ penises were too small. Also, some women have sued for divorce because they complained that their husbands’ penises were too big. One of such women said having sex with the husband was a nightmare and a painful experience and she never looked forward to it.

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Some women are put off by a small penis while some are put off by a monster dicks. In secondary school, there was this story circulating. One of the two students with the biggest dicks (we had big open bathrooms so the size of people’s penises was an open secret) went to patronize a mentally unstable prostitute popularly known as Kwamelaho (ejaculate inside).

The student paid, but immediately Kwamelaho saw the size of his dick, she shouted in very raw Urhobo: “I did prostitution in Lagos and Ibadan; I also did prostitution in Benin and Warri; I have never seen anything like this. Take your money and go, I don’t want.” So, it largely depends on the woman.

Now let us examine some more facts from research findings. An average penis length is 5.6 inches when erect. In November 2020, the NHS revealed that the average penis size in the UK is 3.7 inches, when flaccid and 5.1 inches when erect. Meanwhile the vagina length, unstimulated, ranges from 2.75 inches to about 3.25 inches. When a woman is aroused, it increases between 4.25 inches to 4.75 inches.

God is a master planner! “Regardless of how long the vagina is, the area that is thought to be important for most women’s sexual response is the outer one-third.” The import of the above research finding is that the average-size penis is more than long enough to satisfy a woman.

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Still on the vagina, Christine O’Connor, MD, Director of Adolescent Gynecology and Well Women Care at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore (United States) says it is “elastic. It is small enough to hold a tampon in place, but can expand enough to pass a child through. This is because the walls of the vagina are similar to those of the stomach; they…fold together to collapse when unused, then expand when necessary.”

My curiosity is why have men and women been so obsessed with the size of the penis from time. The penis performs three major functions: for procreation, sexual satisfaction of your spouse and to pass urine. So why is the obsession with size? I have watched short videos called cucumber pranks in many countries, the guys insert a cucumber in their pants, boxers or pants and walk around in public places.

The reactions from members of the public are the same. In my opinion for the men, it is a feeling of inadequacy, envy or awesomeness. For the women, some laugh and cover their faces as if they have not seen it already, some are shocked or wide eyed, while some behave as if they should bring out the false dick and insert it in their vagina. Whether they can accommodate it is another story.

I remember something the famous musician, Tiwa Savage, said some time ago. She said some men behave as if the vagina stretches from the entrance to the throat of women. Maybe those behind the pranks feel that way or may be it is just for the fun of it.

Why are men so obsessed with the size of their penis? The answer might be in the Daily Star (UK) story of Dr. Roberto Viel and Dr. Maurizio, identical twin brothers who specialize in penis enlargement. They said increased girth (circumference) of the penis can improve sex. According to two other studies, about 90 percent of women actually “prefer a wide penis to a long one.” However, Roberto insists that most men do penis enlargement surgeries simply to feel more confident on the beach, in communal showers or in the lead up to sex.

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He said: “Men want to expose and show that they have a good sized penis when flaccid.”So the craze for a longer penis has little to do with sex. In fact the length of the penis matters more to men than to women, according to studies. The penis size seems to be more of an ego trip, a feel-good factor, a confidence booster, a psychological rather than a physical issue. Much ado about nothing? May be.


Youngsters, face more important issues about your life, your career, getting a good spouse you can spend the rest of your life with in peace and harmony, etc. Married men, you already have children you sired with your penis, what is your problem? Is your wife complaining about the size of your penis? Is she saying a rat she has eaten to the tail is now bitter? Then talk about the issue.

Communication in marriage can make a mountain out of a mole hill. Except for people with micro penis, I do not see any issue. If they and their wives are okay they can have their babies. No be one drop of semen dey carry millions of sperms? If it is to give your wife sexual satisfaction, discuss it.

Culled from Vanguard Newspapers, published, August 13, 2022

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