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3 Non-Sexual Qualities That Make A Man Attractive

3 Non-Sexual Qualities That Make A Man Attractive

Often, when trying to win over the heart of the opposite sex, some important things are taken for granted. These characteristics are of high importance to any woman and speak highly of the man. Below are some of Non- Sexual characteristics:

Want to attract the most amazing woman with the pull of a magnet? Start by working on your confidence. Everything starts here. Work on harnessing your confidence by fueling your emotional and spiritual reserves. This way, when you enter into a relationship, you’re not needy or clingy. Nothing is more discouraging and off to a woman like the stench of neediness. It makes her run. Being confident means you are able to take care of yourself and your needs. As such, a woman feels safe enough to let her guard down because you not only absolve her of the need to validate you, but she also knows you are not in the relationship to benefit from her. Also, it shows as a man she can rely on you to handle situations.

A woman is attracted to a man who shows up. See a sticky situation? Offer a suggestion, option, or an idea, don’t just be a figurehead, show up and show up well. Commit and keep your words. Often, women want someone they can talk to and share their problems with. However, if all you do is complain and take her problems for granted, she will not stick around. Also, if you do not keep to your words, she will not take you seriously.

In times of crisis, some men turn to alcoholism, porn, tv, and drugs instead of conquering, learning, and finding ways of addressing challenges head-on. Develop a thick skin. Have grit. Life is tough, and most people are attracted to someone who will be by their side as they ride it out. There is something insanely attractive about a man who can bounce back when a calamity shatters his world. She will admire you greatly when she sees you looking for solutions to improve your life instead of allowing yourself to be a victim of society.

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