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4 Relationship Etiquette On Social Media

4 Relationship Etiquette On Social Media

Most people spend most of their time on social media, either working, following updates or relaxing. However, there are some social media etiquette that should be followed especially with friends, partners or people you have a relationship with.

Find below some of these etiquettes:

Private life should remain private
It is rude to share every part of you and your partner’s relationship on social media especially if they are not comfortable with it. Let your private life remain private, most of your online friends are really not concerned about what happens in your relationship.

Spare your followers and friends any graphic words, photos and videos of you and your loved one and limit your posts to things that you would not comfortably do and say in the presence of people offline.

All fights should be offline
Taking fights with your partner or friends online is not the way to go. Settle all fights offline. Your followers and friends are really not interested in who is wrong or right, they just want to have fun.

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Resolve your conflicts offline and seek relationship advice from professionals and loved ones who you can physically see and talk to directly.

Limit relationship with your Ex
Unless you have shared responsibilities with your ex, there is no need to have unnecessary conversations with your ex online. This can make your partner feel insecure, especially when you drop some kind of comments when they post pictures.

Some actions such as dropping sexual or suggestive comments under their posts show you have no respect for your partners. This is why it’s so important to completely move on from your ex before getting into a new relationship.

Avoid sexual or suggestive contents
When you are in a relationship, respect your partner enough to censor some of the things you post. When you post things that suggest you are single to people viewing your posts or you are in need of company, then you are disrespecting your partner. Maintain boundaries and respect your relationship.

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