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5 naughty tips to get your lover into bed for orgasmic sex

The penis, nipples and vagina all ‘enlarge’ when aroused. The penis gets bigger and the vagina expands for it while the nipples get taught because of the blood rush.
If you feel you’re lacking the right amount of sex in your relationship, you need to do something about it quickly.
Doing something about it is important because you longer you remain unsatisfied, the greater the risk of your romance ending on a sour note quicker than you imagine it.
Now, doing something about it might be simple as having a quick talk, making some naughty move or being more responsible to your partner.
If you’re in the naughty solution phase, try these:
1.      Give them the naked shock effect. Some people need the shock treatment to get out of their cave. If you’re dealing with someone like this, just blindside him or her with the naked effect. You either visit him or her in his house wearing a gown/coat that you drop off right there at the door. Or earn then come to your place, you just come out in your sexist underwear….or nude!
2.      Make dirty phone calls and dirty convo when you’re together. Sex is as physical as it is sound based. What we hear than move us as much as what we touch. So you can get your partner in the mood with serious dirty talk or notes. Whether you’re apart or together, dirty talk is allowed and effective.
3.      Masturbate and touch yourself in their presence. If you have a really stubborn partner, then you should just go ahead and touch yourself when he or she is there to notice it, in the living room for example. Your moans will get the desired reaction.
4.      Send them dirty messages as SMSs or notes. The effects of an erotic SMS is not a something one can shake off easily. Send an SMS that says exactly how you feel at the moment like “I just want to fuck you hard right now”, “I’m hungry, I want to eat you” or something even more erotic.
5.      Ask nicely, respectfully. This is a no-brainer. Sometimes, the reason you’re not getting sex is that you make it look like it’s your right and you demand it without respect. So try to ask nicely instead. There’s nothing wrong in just saying you want to have sex nicely.
One thing you should know is that you might be the reason why your partner is avoiding sex.
Perhaps you need to be a little bit nicer and be less focused on sex.
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