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A City’s Dark Side

Girls waiting for 'customers'
Girls waiting for ‘customers’

Dating back to centuries ago, from the fathers before our fathers, sex trade  has always been addressed as the oldest profession in the history of mankind; Some even go as far to opine that it as old as mankind itself. They may not be wrong.

For most cities  of the world, the sex market is a  major tax contributor- even though its a topic nobody wants to openly discuss or affirm to. While security agents and personnels across the globe are making efforts to curb its existence and operation, it is however evident that prostitution isn’t going away anytime soon. At least not in our time

Across different continents, cultures and races, there are always hot spots  and zones where commercial sex workers cluster everyday to render their lustful services to the randy clients. Be it lesbian, gay, or transexual sex workers, truth remains that every major city in the world has a location(s) and hub for these persons. And they’re not so hard to find.

When brought down to the Nigerian context, we are however not left alone or unaware of the presence of prostitution in our midst. True, they may not have a toll free line where they can be reached or maybe as organizations that hide under the cloak of providing dates or companions. But we know they’re always there. Operating and recruiting in the dark like cockroaches.
From Allen Street in Lagos, and GRA in port hacourt, Indeed, is not shocking too know that these places not only exist but are still booming and swarming with people even till tomorrow.

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Heading down Aba, Abia State in the Eastern of Nigeria, this business concentrated State like many others has more to it than just buying and selling of economic commodities.
For most residents in Aba, Ama Hausa(Hause domain) around Pound Road, and Ulasi Street are  the most prominent places with high number of  commercial sex workers.

When Quelins visited one of the whore houses at Ulasi Street by East, it seemed to be almost deserted from the outside. Located opposite a catholic church, the place looks more a private residence.  But once inside, it unwraps itself like a sunflower; a mini bar by the right, wood- segmented rooms with dim lights,  women leaving nothing to the imagination on the standby across the bar- waiting to be beckoned and price to be negotiated.

With a stroke of luck and coated with the neighborhood slang, this writer initiated a conversation with a youngster-in his twenties- whose main aim was to drown himself in booz before getting laid.
For Loveday (a name someone called him from across the room) it all makes complete sense that the women do not try to stand outside and showcase their “wares”. For him, it would corrupt the little children and dent the image of the neighborhood.
With his sweaty wrinkled forehead, a high cheek that seemed to suffocate his stuffed nose and his tobacco darkened teeth tucked beneath his fat thick lips, Loveday looked like someone that needs to detox and start afresh in life.
While settling on what seemed to be his fifth bottle of beer, this chat mate of mine seemed to be enjoying our conversation. Or maybe that was the beer side of him tlking. But either way, he was open about the fact that some young men come to the place  because they are horny and lack self esteem to woo a lady and have themselves a girlfriend. Others just do it for the fun of it.
When asked about the use of condoms and the effect of Dollars on the sex market, he gave a wry smile, looked somewhat confused and offended at the same time, but continued anyway.
“What people don’t even know is that most ladies here are more careful and cleaner than other ones parading the streets; they know how to look after themselves.
“You don’t have to buy condoms before coming, its all covered when you pick one of them and pay. They even get to fix it on you when you want to start- its their job.
“As for the dollar price and whatever that’s happening to this country, it doesn’t exist here. These girls are hustlers, and for the right price of say one thousand five hundred to two thousand naira, they can take you to cloud nine”
With that, he gulped down his drink, whistled  for girl in a blue bum shorts and white singlet, and they agreed on a price.

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The deal closed on one thousand naira for short time . So Loveday stood up, whispered something to the girl, turned and winked at me. He felt concerned on why my visitor should keep me waiting, then staggered off like we never met.

Loveday maybe right when he referred to the ladies as hustlers. But what he forgot to mention is the fact that sex overtime is becoming cheaper by the day. A typical example is the cheap sex scenario playing out in Greece; its just a replica of what is sweeping across the globe.
Maybe it was something he forced himself to believe. But it seemed quite crystal that Loveday is positive that prostitutes are cleaner than most ladies on the streets; Even when its obvious they have more sexual partners than the latter. Absurd
He didn’t know it, but Loveday made up for the imaginary friend I was feigning to be waiting for. He indeed gave me a first hand experience of Aba’s dark side.

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