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Sex and Authority

Jolly babes on Campus
Jolly babes on Campus

As a student in a tertiary institution environment, the talk of sex is a multi-faceted everyday discussion with ever green angles to explore. Its more like a way of a life, the usual daily lecture or even the term paper meant to be submitted every week.

Now, although I respect the laid down authorities that govern an environment or area, I still believe that most of the atrocities, flaunting of rules and disregard of regulations are perpetrated by the same persons meant to uphold them.

For so many of us that passed through the universities and polytechnics, one of the very many ignored places that bears the unending tales of trysts and smooching is when it comes to student security outfits in school.
Yeah, that’s right.

These security outfits with men outnumbering the women have a way of keeping their nights occupied; and trust me, they’re not kept busy by their books or assignments.

During my stay at the federal polytechnic, Nekede, these student security were allowed to live for free in the school hostel (Jumbo hostel), and it happened  that during my HND1, I was unfortunately  allocated  to a room next to theirs.
No night passed on without a female being sneaked into the room and given the romping of a lifetime. It almost became a ritual. In the morning, the moaning, styles and rounds  becomes the gist for all who cared to listen.

Of course women like men in authority, but when it ascends to the extend of lobbying security guys with sex just to influence a judgement, that becomes another case.

Because these guys were handed the power to  settle small quarrels, house issues or pilfering among fellow students, it became an avenue for the higher bidder- especially to persons that pay in kind.
I saw it, experienced it and lived to tell the tale.
On some quickie nights, they had to rush into our rooms in demand for condoms. As if we kept stock waiting for their order to come through

While most of them joined the student outfit to be positive agents of change, others went into it to wield power and intimidate people- including females.

I never say a situation where a judgement was against a female. Never. When the case is between a man and a woman, it will surely be thrown upside down and inside out in order to find the male guilty as charged.

And what happens when they catch a female in malpractice? That’s when the chase begins. Am not saying all their female “scape goats” turn out to be in their beds, but the point is, the ladies are really exploited.

For any of  you with female siblings kids or relatives in the tertiary institution, advise them to report their off camp case to the vigilante groups( they’re the lesser of the two evil), or the appropriate student affairs division.
Student security outfit is a sham, a breeding ground for sexual daredevils and a growing tumour that should be cut off ASAP.

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Chinedu Eze is a writer and journalist whose intellectual curiosity drives him to study the motivation behind relationships, passion, love and the unending surprises modernity has made on the natural phenomenon of the attraction of the opposite sex.