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BBNaija Reunion: Week 5 Recap, the relationships’ twists and turns

BBNaija Reunion: Week 5 Recap, the relationships’ twists and turns

It was yet another intense week on the BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion – maybe even more intense than the ones before it. Ebuka, the ultimate table shaker, delved into the romantic and near-romantic relationships in the house and as you would expect, there was DRAMA!

No love lost between Elozonam and Diane

This week, fans of the DiaLo ship mourned the demise of the relationship that never really was as Diane and Elozonam got more than a few things off their chest on the show. Their very heated arguments revealed that there is literally no love lost between the two. Elozonam accused Diane of putting other people before him and being disrespectful of what he thought they shared.


Elozonam and Diane: The mystery name in the mix

Somehow in the middle of Elozonam and Diane’s back and forth, Ebuka managed to let a vital information slip and the whole internet went crazy. The information? Mawuli Gavor. Apparently, the reason Diane and Elozonam’s relationship wasn’t making any headway just may have something to do with the Ghanaian actor. Elozonam confirmed as much, and Diane’s walk-out from the set of the show immediately the name was dropped did nothing to refute that confirmation.

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Why Frodd, Esther’s “Ship” never sailed

These two’s relationship never really took off in or outside the house. It has never really looked like they were on the same page and from some of the revelations on the show this week, this may have a lot to do with trust, or the lack thereof. Frodd believes Esther has what he referred to as “friends in the upper echelon” who spoil her with expensive gifts. This didn’t sit well with Esther and resulted in a shouting match where she more or less called Frodd a gossip who couldn’t be trusted with secrets.

Crack in Mercy & Ike’s “Ship” revealed

These two may be the only BBNaija Pepper Dem “couple” whose relationship has stood the test of time but that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing. Mercy revealed that for every time they have a little fight, Ike goes to social media to block her. When Ebuka asked Ike why he does this, he blamed it on Mercy’s erratic disposition to their relationship.

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The Frodd, Venita and Omashola love triangle.

We all saw the boys’ reaction to Venita when she first entered the house but this week, we caught an even bigger glimpse into just how much of an effect she had on them, especially Frodd and Omashola. Both revealed that when she came into the house, they felt like an angel had been sent to them. Omashola expressed his hurt over Frodd’s pursuit of Venita even after he (Omashola) had told him that he was interested in her.


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