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Ills of Sex Enhancing Drugs

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I just looked at the video again, where the young man (not more than 27 years) is lying on the hospital bed. He is extremely restless and the nurse has put him on drips.  The story is that he took magani burantashi so that he would last very, very long in bed with his sex partner. Bu the date did not turn up as scheduled. Not having ready receptacle to empty himself, the drug began to take a toll on him. He was almost giving up the ghost when he was rushed to the hospital and placed on drips. The video shows a nurse frantically trying to restore him back to health. As he lies writhing on the hospital bed, one can see his dangling modifier standing straight like Brown Boveri electric pole. It is fully erect, glaring at the ceiling, waiting for action that has eluded it.

If things had worked as planned, his neighbours would have become spectators of endless sex bouts with their ears…of groans and moans, of shouts and beg for mercy. He would have taken the girl to Golgotha and back. Perhaps she would have visited Hades and have brief discussion with Lucifer. He would have used the magani burantashi to torture her cavity and she would never have forgotten the day; if she survived.

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But the question is, why do even young men of nowadays engage in cocktail of drugs in order to perform well in bed? There is a generalization that the foods many Nigerians eat now have taken the natural performance of the men away. The junks at fast food joints, too much alcohol, too much fried food and many men do not have decent meals, especially those that live in cities.

Then there is stress. In order to survive the harsh economy, young men engage in work that gives them less time to rest. Many Nigerian men barely sleep up to six hours a day. This affects their libido. Yet, despite these limitations, many men want to “show” their partners. They want to give then “action” and also to satisfy their chauvinistic ego, they want to show the woman they are in charge.

Then due to liberalization and the opening up of the Nigerian society, women are no more bashful about their expectations. They want to be satisfied. They want to orgasm while having sex. They don’t want to play the Don Quixote anymore; of sacrificing their feelings to make their men happy. They want a full dose of the action. They want equal satisfaction in bed. Perhaps this was what conjured the entrepreneurial spirit of one businessman or woman to open a male brothel in Port Harcourt. And are they getting patronage? Reports indicate that women unabashedly come there to take young men away and pay for their service.

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Few months ago, at one hotel in Victoria Island, we settled for a press briefing close to the hotel’s swimming pool when a middle aged lady sauntered in with a young man. Dressed in swim suit, she took the young man, who was equally dressed to swim.  They walked into the pool and played together in the water. But I noticed that the woman was literally stripping the men around her naked with her eyes. Possibly weighing the length of asset every man was dragging between his legs. When I couldn’t hold it again, I told my colleagues and my suspicion was confirmed. They also noticed. They observed her gnawing eyes scrutinizing all the men around.

Many women are not getting satisfaction from their spouses. So those who are financially independent and are not pinned down by moral constraints seek for good sex from other men. Instead of engaging in 419, which doesn’t pay much these days, some young men have prepared themselves to satisfy such women who are craving for good sex and are ready to pay for it.

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This is the reason why men engage in cocktails of sex enhancing drugs which are the highest selling in the market now after panadol and condoms. These have their side effects, both the conventional and the herbal concoctions. But the men are pressed to deliver and they are willing to do anything to earn their pay and others to retain their chauvinistic ego. If not for prompt intervention of neighbours and possibly relations, the young man on the hospital bed would have been in the morgue. So much for indefatigable bouts of sex.

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