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Man Disemboweled His Girlfriend After She Screamed Out Ex’s Name During Sex

A man has been charged with his girlfriend’s murder after police say he disemboweled her for calling out her ex’s name during drunken sex.
Fidel Lopez, 24, called 911 early on Sunday to report that his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, wasn’t breathing and appeared to be dying.

Officers responding to the apartment in Sunrise, Florida said they found Lopez crying in the bathroom next to the 31-year-old’s naked body, which was in a pool of blood.
Police say Lopez told investigators that they had been having sex after drinking tequila when Nemeth went into the bathroom, vomited and collapsed.
But following further questioning, police say Lopez revealed that he became enraged with Nemeth when she called out her ex-husband’s name twice as they had sex in a closet.
Police say that he told them he started smashing things in the apartment out of anger and when he returned to the closet, he found Nemeth passed out.
He told police he became a “monster” and started putting objects inside of her. He said he then put his hand inside her before pulling out intestinal matter, according to an arrest report cited by CBS Miami.
Police say Lopez told them that Nemeth was so drunk she could not fight back. Afterwards, he tried to revive her by splashing water on her face but she did not wake up.
After going outside for a cigarette, he called 911, CBS Miami reported.
Police say they found several chunks of bloody tissue inside the closet and blood on the walls of the apartment, CBS Miami reported. Nemeth was pronounced dead.
Lopez was arrested on Sunday afternoon and has been charged with first degree murder. He was ordered to be held without bond.

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