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Men not Reliable, I Prefer Sex Toys, Says Joju

Tinsel star, Joju Maryam Muse, has disclosed that sex toys are more reliable and trustworthy than most boyfriends.

Muse, who is still single, said most African men cannot stand a woman who is more successful than them.

In a recent chat with New Telegraph, the model and budding songstress hinted that she would rather satisfy her sexual urge with her own hands or employ the use of sex toys.

On the use of sex toys to avoid multiple sexual partners, she said, “A lot of people mistake using sex toys for an addiction to masturbation but to me, it’s not an addiction.

“Addiction to masturbation is when you allow the act to control your life. But we will only be silly as human beings to deny some facts. Even animals touch themselves; it would only be hypocritical for a human being to say, ‘I don’t touch myself’ or to say that he or she hasn’t used a sex toy before.

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“Anyway, there are people who may not have used it, but they make use of their hands. And instead of even sleeping around, use sex toys otherwise you’d be exposing your life to too many STDs and aftermaths of unprotected sex.

“I’ve not found the right man; most African men don’t know how to cope with a lady who is becoming more prosperous than them. They want to stand in her way.

“Everyone has gone through heartbreak before. Yes, I suffered terrible heartbreak before and from a man I really loved with all my heart, but then I’ve moved on.

“I like to explain myself because people feel that I’m weird which I like and it’s because most people don’t know how to handle blunt truth.

“So, knowing that you cannot preach abstinence to a sexually active adult, all you have to do is to preach precaution,” the thespian added.

Unknownfor lesbians, from aliexpress.com
for lesbians, from aliexpress.com


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