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NYSC and the Romping Mindset


Corps Members
Corps Members

It’s obvious researchers are yet to carry out what really travels through the mind of the fresh graduates going for their three weeks orientation camp; because if they do, the result evidently won’t be encouraging.

It just seems as if cultured personality,sense of reasoning and discipline are absolutely wiped clean or probably dropped at the entrance gate before making it into the camping ground.
The whole flirting, kiss and tell, banging and one night stands seem to be completely out of this world. And mind you.  its just not solely about the guys and their horny, insatiable nature.

A young lady with a faithful and devoted  boyfriend- or even fiancé- outside goes into camp, meets with a guy that keeps her company, spend some loose change and spits some blah. Next thing you know they’re at the mammy market giggling, and before you can spell holy Molly, they’re somewhere at the darkest side of the camp-by midnight-screwing out their brains.

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How about the married lady whose husband gets to visit often in camp and they talk and even take pictures together. But after he’s gone, a  young corper gets to take over,both in conversation and in between her legs at night.

Evidently,some might do well to heap the blame on guys for their sweet mouth and impeccable timing on these poor ladies. For others, the married women want to have that feeling of being wooed and chased around like it was before they got married.
A school of thought might even go as far to paint the picture of that adventurous scenery that plays out in the camp which makes it seem as if anyone can get away with their dirty little secret.
But the question remains: is it really worth it?

Last year, a young Igbo lady was caught in the dead of the night having sex with an Akwa Ibom dude at the camping ground in Abia State. When the husband of the said lady was called upon, the story was narrated and without speaking a word, he slipped his wedding ring, tossed it into the field, turned around and left.
The young lady not only dissolved her marriage, she and her camp lover were sent out.
This type of case represents many of such sex related issues that take place across the camping grounds in the federation.

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But does it hinder people from getting naughty? Go to secluded places around the camp  during the day, and all you’d see are used condoms- courtesy of one night stands and trysts.

And what about the soldiers assigned to train the corpers, and they take advantage of the ladies with the promise of influencing where they’d be posted? Well, I guess that’s a story for another day.

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