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True Confession: ‘Help: My husband has impregnated my niece’

Dear Editor,

My name is Bimbo, a 32-year-old woman who has been married for the past eight years but as I write this in tears, my marriage is about to collapse because my husband, Wole, impregnated my 17-year-old niece.

I have always known that Wole has been cheating even before we got married but since I never caught him since he was able to hide it from me, I adopted the Biblical injunction of ‘see-no-evil, speak-no-evil’.

In truth, I heard stories of his philandering and how he spent money on women outside even when he told me he had no money, but I always turned deaf ears to the stories, always supporting him when such stories came up.

Maybe I should have reacted and walked away because the shame he has put me and the whole family is unbearable.

You won’t believe that my husband has impregnated my own niece, my elder sister’s daughter who came to stay with us after she could not gain admission into the university when she could not make her JAMB.

Becky and her parents lived in Abuja and according to what her mother told me, was wayward and had strings of boyfriends, and even at such a tender age, slept out several times and all attempts to correct her fell on deaf ears.

Knowing the kind of strict person I am, my sister felt I would be able to curb her excesses and bundled her to come to stay with me.

When Becky came, I laid down the rules for her: no going out without my say so; no friends and no parties.

Initially, she seemed to abide by my rules and when I sent words to my sister on her change, she was happy and told me to keep her as long as I want.

Becky became a hit with Wole and since he took her as his daughter, I felt quite comfortable leaving them together at home most time.

But little did I know that their closeness was more than met the eyes until I noticed changes in her.

As a woman, I immediately realised those changes were not normal and questioned her but she promptly told me nothing was wrong with her.

After placing her on close observation for some days, I decided to take her for a test in the hospital and my worst fears were confirmed.

Becky was three months pregnant and according to the doctor, she had taken drugs to terminate it but to no avail.

I questioned her on who was responsible but she refused to tell me until I threatened fire and brimstone before she opened up to say it was Uncle Wole that got her pregnant.

When I confronted the randy he-goat of a husband, he initially denied but when Becky said to his face that he was the one that impregnated her, he owned up and begged for forgiveness.

I am devastated and do not even know how to tell my sister and our family members that my own husband got my niece pregnant.


Dear readers, after going through Bimbo’s pathetic story today on True Confession, we want you to advise her on what to do. Should she leave Wole or stick with him? What would happen to Becky?

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