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Why Some Women Hate Receiving Oral Sex


Some women do not understand what is so great about it and they would rather their partners not go down there.

The internet and media in general has sensationalized oral sex. They have made it seem like it is the holy grail for women.

They make it look like it is the main thing women want and the only thing that can make them cum. While this might be true for some women, others feel really pressured because they simply do not enjoy oral sex.

They do not understand what is so great about it and they would rather their partners not go down there.

Here are a few reasons why women might not be big fans of being eaten out, according to Naijaqueen.com

  1. Self consciousness: Receiving oral sex leaves a woman open and vulnerable. Women who are very self conscious about their bodies will most likely not want to be in this position. These women are simply shy or uncomfortable with being open and exposed this way.
  2. He is not that good: Let’s face it, majority of men are terrible when it comes to giving oral sex. It is not something men automatically know, it is an art that should be learned. Chances are, a woman who has bad oral sex experiences with more than two men will just give up on the whole thing. No oral sex at all is better than bad oral sex.
  3. Too sensitive Clit: Some women are, shall we say, blessed with a very sensitive vagina. This means that even the littlest touch can over-stimulate them and this does not feel that good. Oral sex is mostly about stimulating the clitoris. So, if she is too sensitive down there, she might not enjoy his effort.
  4. Isn’t a turn-on: It is very possible that some women simply do not find oral sex arousing. No explanation, no reasons, they just do not get the fuss. They do not feel any extra excitement so they would rather just skip it.
  5. Conservative: Some women are very conservative, especially in these parts of the world. They consider oral sex as too kinky for them. They would rather stick with the tried, proved and clean Missionary sex. They don’t hate the act, they just hate the idea.
  6. Preferences: Okay, these women do not actually hate oral sex, it is just not on their list of sexual things they prefer. Just like some people are partial to certain positions or sex acts and some would never masturbate. It could turn them on but they really would rather not.
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