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10 Sex Positions To Try If You’re Sick Of Missionary

You don’t need to be an athlete to pull these off.

hot sex positions

There’s more to life than missionary! If you’re experiencing boredom in the bedroom, sometimes simply changing positions can be enough to make things between you and your partner feel electric again. Don’t worry: We’re not asking you to perform any acrobatics or swing from the chandeliers (though that could be fun).

These alternative positions are all totally doable—and totally hot.

Reverse cowgirl sex position

Get on top of him, but face the other way for a fresh spin on the woman on top position. Not only will he have a sexy view of your derriere, you’ll be in a great position to watch yourself in the mirror—if you’re into that. “You both get to enjoy a different angle as she can sit up or lay parallel to his legs,” says Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., a certified sex therapist and the resident relationship expert at Adam and Eve.


edge of bed sex position


face each other sex position

When you sit on top of him in a chair, you will both feel the intensity of looking directly at each other during such an intimate moment. Or, for an alternate position, “face away from your partner and you can control thrusting while he holds you in,” says Van Kirk.


legs over the shoulder sex position
This position is a simple modification of classic missionary that’s easy—but produces big results! With him on top of you, put your legs over his shoulders and you’ll instantly deepen the level of penetration.
backdoor oral sex position

Next time you get in the doggy-style position, switch things up by letting him pleasure you from behind with his mouth. For another variation, simply lie down on your stomach, prop your hips up by putting a pillow under them and let him go to town.


sitting pretty sex position
legs for days sex position

This position is great when you’re ready for a totally new perspective on each other’s bodies. Lying on your stomach, have him lie on top of you, facing your feet. As he enters you, he can kiss and caress your legs and feet.

seashell sex position

For a sex session that’s completely open, this position can’t be beat. You’re lying on your back, just like in missionary, except try bringing your legs up onto his chest (and if you can, cross your ankles behind your head for added tension). This is a great one for when you want to experience very deep penetration.


standing ovation sex position
stairmaster sex position

There’s nothing sexier than doing it somewhere other than the bed. And doing it on the staircase with him behind you is definitely the antidote to boring ol’ missionary. Be sure to take advantage of the incline for a great angle and hold onto the banister for support—if he’s doing it right, you’ll need it!


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