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4 Fascinating Changes That Happen to Your Lady Bits During Sex

Your body really is a wonderland.

boobs bigger during sex

Surprise! Your boobs get bigger when you have sex! That’s right, long before Victoria was pedaling her “secrets,” Mother Nature was giving breast enhancements to any woman getting busy. You get bigger boobs; you get bigger boobs; you get bigger boobs!

Impressed? Well, we’re about to blow your mind with a few other facts about how your bod changes on its way to O-Town.

1. Your Breasts Get Bigger
Did we mention this already? Your blood-pumping romp could inflate your ta-tas. “Women can experience swelling of the breasts due to increased blood flow during intercourse, says Leah Millheiser, M.D., ob-gyn. Just how swollen they get varies from woman to woman, she says. But like a Disney princess coming home from a ball, everything goes back to basics after the party ends. So don’t expect to go up a cup size come morning.

2. Your Clitoris Disappears
You might as well start referring to yourself as a sex magician because your body performs a disappearing act every time you’re in the zone. “During the arousal stage, right before orgasm, a woman’s clitoris goes from being large and visible to retracting up into the vaginal hood, almost disappearing,” says Millheiser. Don’t freak. This is a natural part of the way the uterus and vagina function during the big O, she explains.

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3. Your Vagina Blows Up
Your body’s bag of tricks also includes balloon-like acts. “Right before a woman orgasms, the upper two-thirds of her vagina actually swell,” says Millheiser. While the scientific reason for this is still up in the air, some researchers think that an increase in the cervix area heightens your chances of getting pregnant, she says. Another theory is that it accommodates for penis size. Go figure.

4. You Fill Up with Fluid
As you may have heard, men aren’t the only ones who can ejaculate (and no, squirting isn’t pee). As you build to an orgasm, your periurethral sponge (sexy, right?), which surrounds the urethra just below the bladder, fills up with fluid, says Millheiser. Sometimes that results in a release known as female ejaculation, she says.  “Researchers found that the fluid contains a prostate specific antigen, which tells us that the sponge is biologically similar to the male prostate,” she says.

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