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Benefits of Love and Sex
Benefits of Love and Sex

9 major things you should never do to please your woman

People express love in different ways; some men particularly are over expressive. An attribute many Nigerian girls find annoying. Men who are like that are usually emotional and perceived to be weaklings.
As much as one could never fully understand the affairs of the heart and the kind of people it chooses to fall for, some things would be better if they are rationally reviewed. Love is a very beautiful thing we must say, it could also become a point of pain if things do not go as planned in the relationship. In this part of the world, men are proclaimed to be the head; this also applies in relationships.
No one is asking a man to prove his manliness by beating up the women in his life in order to prove to the world that he is in charge. However, certain things are not expected of the man when it comes to relationships. Some men have failed because of the role they played in their relationships. This is mostly as a result of the overbearing attitude they put up when it comes to women. They go overboard when expressing their feelings and emotions.
They trade their positions for the love they have for the women and end up being ridden in the process. Since we have discussed some of the things women should never do to please men, it would be unfair not to help the men know their limitations when it comes to pleasing us too. Find below some of the things you should never do to please your woman:
1. Do not commit a crime for her sake
commit crime
We have heard many people say ‘love is foolish’. This is absolutely not true; you can decide to make your own kind of love smart, enterprising, fulfilling and liberating. Do not go into crime because you want to satisfy your woman and make her love you the more. If you join a cult or steal because you want to protect your woman and provide for her at the same time, you would be shocked to see her walk away when you are safely behind bars.
2. Do not go out of your way to provide for her needs
out of your way
No one is asking you not to please your woman, but doing it to the extreme is what you should avoid. Some men put themselves under unnecessary pressure because they want to see to the basic needs of their partners. Some men pay their women’s school fees and do everything they could for them. It is pathetic to know that some of these women still walk away after the men must have invested in them. This is really not fair; in order not to nurse a feeling of rejection, it would be best to do things out of the goodness of your heart and not because you want to please her.
3. Give up your dreams for her
give your dreams
It is no longer love when you decide to give up your dreams and aspirations because of a woman. You should not stop living because you have found love. While you are in love, there should be a synergy between the two of you; you should have similar life goals and objectives in order to have the best out of that relationship. There have been cases where men lack the will to live because the women they built their lives around left. Do not make silly life choices because you are in love.
4. Become totally submissive to her
Women love it when they date men who are caring, attentive and down to earth. While you are trying to be that man, try as much as possible not to become a fool. Some women enjoy being in charge of their relationships; they love controlling the men they date. There is no harm in pleasing the woman you love but you should never allow her to have permanent control of your mumu button.
5. Do not starve yourself because of her
Some men definitely need to be reoriented about love; they give their all to women they are dating. Some of them would prefer to starve when they take women out on dates. The women can go on to order anything they want while the men would take only water. You should stop going hungry because you want your woman to eat. Doing that is sheer stupidity.
6. Do not leave your family members because of her
family members
Nothing can ever replace the love of a family; it is not right for you to go against your family members because you are trying to please your woman. We know men sometimes fight hard for the women they love to be accepted; but leaving everyone else because you want to be with a woman is so not good. Learn to set your priorities right; do not allow an entity to override the other important people in your life.
7. Buy her a car when you do not have one
buy her a car
It is only rational for you to buy yourself a car first before going ahead to buy that woman in your life one. The only exception to some of these things is if you are married to her already. Going on to buy a woman you are not married to a car or a house when you do not own one is a silly move often blamed on love being blind. The very moment she jilts you and live in that house with another man, that love will gain its vision back.
8. Do not work out when you do not want to
work out
Some men hit the gym because they want to please the women in their lives. While it is good for you to be in shape and healthy, you should only do things you want to do. Do not allow a woman to push you around simply because she wants you to have a particular body shape. If she is for you, she should love you for who you are.
9. Do not ever become suicidal because of a woman
No matter the depth of your love, do not ever let it take you to a plain where you lose the desire to live. Do not become a martyr for a woman; do not die for love. In the same line, do not kill for a woman. There are lots of women in the society; if you get rejected by a woman, work on yourself and you would have lots of women bidding for your attention.
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