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Basic things Nigerian men find unattractive in women

Nigerian men have specifications when it comes to women; it is not out of place to see men who have certain things in mind when it comes to the type of women they love to date. Some would stay off short women while some would never date women who are taller than them. Men pay serious attention to women’s looks and get turned off when they meet women who fall short of their standards. Nigerian men like other men in the world are moved by what they see; this is where their attraction starts. A typical Nigerian man would find a curvy woman attractive because that is the African way; some men do not fancy being with fat women because of the possible health implications that may come up after a while. But it still does not change the fact that they admire women like that when they see them and fantasize about being with them when they are alone. As much as men love being with women, there are certain things they do not like in women; these things kill their attraction towards the women and may spoil the blossoming relationship they have. Find below some of the things Nigerian men find unattractive in women:
1. Lots of makeup
makeupWe know that women love having their faces painted these days; it is rare for you to see a woman who would not have her face covered with different layers of powder and foundation. Some men do not like it when they see women with heavily ‘pancaked’ face. They believe in natural beauty and would pick women who have little or no make up over those who make up every day.
2. Exposing too much flesh
exposing to much body
Some guys do not subscribe to nudity and waywardness. Some of them get pissed when they meet women who dress in clothes that show too much flesh. It is not like these men are not fashionable, they know the current trend in the society as they are not blind. However, guys do not want the women showing the body parts they ought to conceal.
3. Personal hygiene
As much as a man could like a woman, he may never be able to tolerate her if she has challenges with personal hygiene. Men find dirty women unattractive and may not be able to stay with them no matter how beautiful they are. Women like these would always have challenges with cleaning their immediate environments; Nigerian men want women who can take care of the home and keep their space clean.
4. Mouth odour
How do you deal with kissing a woman who has bad breath? Men find women who have bad dentition and mouth odour unattractive. It may be difficult showing off women like that to friends as they would always embarrass them. Men get turned off as soon as they speak to women that have issues in this area.
5. Nagging
Nigerian men do not like it when they meet women who whine and pine a lot. It is unsettling and annoying getting home to meet a nagging wife after a long day at work. Nagging is one of the things that turn men off as they could get robbed of inner peace. Women who nag keep complaining about the things the men have done wrong.
6. Being demanding
Nigerian men do not like women who are materialistic or demanding. Women that are always demanding for things from them become unattractive after a while as they lose interest in them. Nigerian men are not stingy but they do not like it when they meet women who make them feel they are only with them because of the money they give them. They hate the prospect of becoming a potential maga to the women.
7. Hair at the wrong parts
wrong hairs
It is definitely not fun touching a woman who feels like Esau. Nigerian men like touching women with soft and beautiful skin. The places with hair could be shared from time to time in order not to irritate the men.
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