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How I Do It: Meet the mum-of-two who has sex all day, every day.

How I Do It: Meet the mum-of-two who has sex all day, every day.

My boyfriend and I have early morning sex either way, which I love, but I am often lazy and groggy in the morning because of my meds. Mum-of-two who has sex all day, every day says.


Sophie, 32, a vlogger and belly dancer, has suffered from depression and anxiety for as long as she can remember and is currently on antidepressants – which can often have a negative effect on libido. But Sophie, who has two kids with a former partner, hasn’t experienced any change in her sex drive, which she credits to her obsession with fitness – and intense attraction to her boyfriend, Mike, 34, who is a personal trainer. The pair work out together on a regular basis and have sex several times a day, every day.

Let’s find out more, shall we? Brace yourselves for kink galore. Friday Damn it, I have come on my period and I had just purchased some sexy lingerie. My boyfriend and I have early morning sex either way, which I love, but I am often lazy and groggy in the morning because of my meds.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for longer than I can remember. Despite appearances as a confident dancer and presenter, I am usually too tired or not fussed when it comes to the bedroom. I spend my days being sleazed on by men online or offline when I am performing so I have a bit of a difficult relationship with the opposite sex, despite having a decent sex drive.

I feel a frump all day, but as soon as my boyfriend walks through the door that evening, there is an instant connection and I feel happy again. We end up having sex before dinner and after, too – I even have dessert-flavoured lube. I’d go as far as to say our sex life is the perfect antidote to depression.  Saturday Mike was up early to train clients but we still managed to have a personal training session together.

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In the afternoon, we went for a long walk together with family members. I have my kids half the week, and as we both Mike and I work freelance and for ourselves, we can be flexible with the rest of our time. Back home and snuggled up in bed, we end up having sex again and then fall asleep in each other’s arms, which was cute.  I never thought I’d find love and lust.

I feel like I am re-living my life again and learning what pleasure really is.


Another family day out, so we purposely wake up early to have sex and then a quick HIIT session together (in regular active wear this time). In the evening, we have a well-earned treat of a Chinese takeaway – and end up having sex again.

I had been feeling really anxious, but the sex acted as a great de-stresser to help me relax and sleep.  I don’t always have the energy for it but once we start kissing, I am all over Mike. I have never masturbated as in the past, I have always viewed sex as a way of ‘pleasuring’ whoever I was with and when my depression has been bad I couldn’t be bothered to please a man, let alone myself. But now, no matter how low I feel, when I am with Mike I get this positive surge, and because we exercise so much together anyway I think we are both buzzing off endorphins.

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We got freaky in the morning again before Mike travelled to work and I had an online fitness class. My mental health usually dips in the afternoon, but as soon as I see him I’m in the mood.

We have a quickie when he gets back from work and then head to the shopping centre to get activewear for an upcoming hike. I also want to buy some more sexy underwear and stockings. In the past, I wasn’t really one for dressing up as I do that for stage shows anyway, so it has always felt like too much effort.

But after being single for a while I started to buy luxurious underwear to cheer myself up and now I have met Mike, I actually want to dress up and even dance for him – it would normally make me cringe.  After purchasing a range of gear and consuming a lot of coffee (we live our lives off fitness, coffee, food, sleep and sex) we return to my place and can’t decide whether to eat or f***. For once, we are wise and fuel up with protein and greens before heading to the bedroom to try out my new outfits and have a very steamy romp.


I am hot desking from his house today. We grab some take-out coffee and then have a sexercise session (workout mixed with teasing). I don’t feel too groggy today as I’ve already had a skinny latte and he massaged me to sleep after making love last night. Later I go on a quick run before teaching my belly dance class online.

I was a bit stressed with technical glitches, but Mike came home during his breaks and de-stressed me with orgasms. I managed to get changed into lingerie for his arrival – I had promised to clean the house but he didn’t care, given I opened the door to him in nothing but stockings and heels. We both felt tired today but somehow managed to have sex five times.

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I woke up early to do HIIT, Mike had already gone off to work – but he came home during a quick break for a quick round in the bedroom. In the evening, we had a personal training session in his studio, it was leg day with weights, and afterwards, we had a date at a Thai restaurant. We ended the night by giving each other a massage, which inevitably turned into sex before I read my book and went to sleep. I keep thinking the passion will wear off but as soon as we see each other we want each other.


He’s up early again but we have time to make love, even though I am very sleepy. In our regular pattern, he came home for a lunch break and we ended up having sex with the food still on the stove. We have sex so much that it has made me super ripped. When I make a dance video at his place tonight, I can’t decide whether my legs are hurting from yesterday’s heavy hump-day leg session or it’s from all the sex positions we’ve been trying. You can find out more about Sophie and her life on her blog or ask Mike for fitness tips on his PT website.




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