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How long should sex really last? The answer may surprise you

Different people have their different opinions on how long sex should last to be considered sufficient, but what exactly should be the criteria for measuring this? The answer is simpler than you think.
While a lot of people would consider 10 minutes or more to be good enough, some other people would vote for a longer period, and in some cases, even shorter. One thing everyone can however agree on is that sex that lasts for one or two minutes is an absolute waste of time! Yes, no woman deserves that kind of sex considering that two minutes is hardly long enough to get the average woman into the heat of the moment, not to talk of actually achieving an orgasm – which is quite necessary to consider that round of sex enjoyable.

So how long should sex really last? The answer is quite simple – sex should last as long as it takes your woman to achieve an orgasm and tell you she is satisfied, simple and short! A real man should be able to maintain his erection long enough to keep his woman satisfied, he should also have a ‘Johnson’ big enough to give her ultimate satisfaction and even go multiple rounds if that is what she wants. Recent studies indicate that the number one reason women cheat on their partners is because they are not getting the sexual satisfaction they crave and hence try to seek it somewhere else.

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A good round of sex is one which is enjoyed by both parties involved; the woman needs to get just as much pleasure as the man, which is why it is important for a man to have the right kind of instrument and be able to keep going until he gets her screaming in pleasure and satisfaction. Most times it is hard to blame women who cheat due to their partner’s negligence. A lot of men know that they fall short of expectation in bed but refuse to seek help or do anything about it even though there are natural and safe solutions to easily fix premature ejaculation, weak erection, increase the size of their manhood and solve all other problems related to erectile dysfunction. Don’t be an inconsiderate lover, let your woman be able to enjoy you just as much as you enjoy her; find and get the natural solutions that will ensure you are capable of driving your woman to cloud 9 until she is running out of breath and calling your name in her sleep!

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