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How to deal with Excessive Vaginal Wetness


Some of us may be wondering how too much wetness can be a problem, but if you ask those in this situation they would rather be dry than excessively wet. While vaginal dryness is a more common problem, excessive wetness is a more frustrating problem as there are very few immediate solutions.

It is completely normal for the vagina to be wet when a woman is aroused and the amount of wetness varies from woman to woman. However when wetness becomes an impediment to a pleasurable sexual experience then we have a problem. Excessive vaginal wetness is mostly caused by hormone imbalance. Too much estrogen and too little progesterone.
Now that we know what causes excessive vaginal wetness, here are a few do-it-yourself home remedies:
1. Take an antihistamine eg Actifed. These medications not only dry up the sinuses, they also have an all-round dehydration effect.
2. Place ice on the vagina or wash with cold water shortly before intercourse. This causes a “constriction” effect on the walls of the vagina so there is increased tightness and friction.
3. Take an alcoholic drink or two before sex. Alcohol creates a dehydration effect similar to antihistamines. This is not a license to become an alcoholic. In this case, less is more. Too much alcohol defeats the purpose.
There a are a few other ways to reduce the effect of excessive vaginal wetness including adopting certain positions during sex e.g doggy, and using progesterone creams.
However the above mentioned seem to be more widely and successfully used than others. Not all of them will work for every woman. Try  them all and find out which one works best for you.
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