A man once told me that she believed that a woman’s private part permanently has unpleasant odour, but contrary to that belief, he may be unlucky to have been meeting the dirty ones. There are ways women can keep that ‘thing’ clean and away from diseases.
Besides ensuring the toilets are clean and also that a woman should take special attention to clean herself up after urinating and ‘doing the big one,’ the clothes a woman wears and how she wears it is very important.
In order not to make that golden place an oven of unpleasant smell here’s a recipe:
Do you wear undies to bed? Many women would likely answer in the affirmative. Experts say when a lady does so on a daily basis when it is not necessary because she is having her period, there may be untoward side effects to it. Female genitals need to breathe in order to maintain its pH levels and prevent fungi and odour. Although it is advisable and absolutely preferable to wear cotton panties; many women still opt for polyester under wear with the abundant heating up of the genital area during the day.
Those who may not like to go to sleep without having panties on should at least opt for boxers or pyjamas. The vagina normally has a balance of mostly good bacteria and fewer harmful ones and a condition called bacteria vaginosis (Bv), develops when the balance changes. Women with Bv may have an abnormal vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odour, while some may complain of a strong fish like odour especially after sex.
Too much moist in the female genital area create an enabling environment for vaginal yeast infection to thrive. Wearing underwear made from polyester or some other material that doesn’t breathe can lock moisture and lead to yeast infections. While yeast infection is not sexually transmitted illness some men will develop symptoms such as itching and a rash on penis after sexual intercourse with an infected partner. Taking a break from underwear for the eight or so hours that you are asleep gives you an opportunity to air-out down there so it is best to have an underwear-free zone while sleeping.
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