Lesbianism: Girls in Sex Rumpus
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It is  well understood  that Nigeria made her stand on gay issues when she made the law placing defaulters on a jail term of fourteen years. This has however  placed the nation in a bad light among western nations, and has regretfully  subdued the enthusiasm brewing among the gay community in the country.

However, no matter the prism at which it is viewed from, the gay ones are never out of stock. They’ve always been there, and even though they seem to lurk in the shadows, they make up the human population occupying different positions and top notch places in sensitive institutions.

When brought down to our various tertiary institutions, the issue of lesbianism which is almost turning into an everyday gist is fast outpacing the counterpart- fags.

These young, rich and sometimes beautiful ladies are all over the various departments in our institutions, and they surely move with the gait and swagger of persons  that have the affairs of the world and beneath it, right  under their feet.
Their prey include either naïve and attractive girls, or curvy and adventurous young entrants wishing to enjoy the surprises of the tertiary institution’s social life

Now, to  most persons  who attended tertiary institutions years back, the scenario has really, really changed. It might be the same in some quarters, but things have really changed. And that is the more reason why proper and rapt attention needs to be paid.

Many lesbians started off during their days in boarding schools. That is to say that most boarding schools account for  so many of these individuals in our society today. While  the spotlight may not beam more on lesbian  activities in secondary school, these girls evidently take this sexual preference of their to their various institutions of higher learning upon admission.

To be crystal, most lesbians are bisexuals; they sleep with fellow women for the real deal and the male folks- sometimes- for mostly financial settlement. In many tertiary institutions  around the federation, they cluster around a particular off campus hostel or lodge as the case may be.  There they have access to share potential  “new catch”, share sex mates  and make contact on the next deal, birthday party or club  to attend.

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Emmanuella Onyeike (not real name), a HND2 Public Administration  student, stays around a lodge known to be a beehive of lesbians in Federal Polytechnic Nekede in Owerri.
She sites these ladies  as people who look normal and can pass for an average twenty first century youths.
” Time has passed when it seemed like most lesbians can be identified by wearing anklets and rose tattoos. Things have really changed. These days, most girls have found a way to hide their identity and still perpetrate and play their game without  you noticing a thing.

“Most lesbians are rich and well to do- at least judging from the ones in my lodge and the ladies that visit them. For some of them in my lodge, they have really well to do parents, while others are always on the road to stay for three weeks before returning.
“If  you must know, lesbians start off by being your friend. “Just a friend” they’d say. Then they start buying  you little gifts; clothes, jewellery and shoes. Next they start dragging  you over to a friend’s party where they’d get  you drunk and play with your body while  you’ve practically passed out.
“Next phase they’d start inviting  you over to come see their rooms, hang out with them because  you make a good “converastionist”, see a new movie, test out some new clothes or simply keep them company, take  you out for lunch and all what not. That’s basically their masterstroke move”.  She added.

In some other schools like Imo State University (IMSU), the talk of lesbianism isn’t a hidden issue that may be seen as new topic of attention.
As usual, most lesbians stay together in an off camp lodge scattered in Owerri town, they compete in dressing and flaunting of  gadgets, and they have their boss or head girl  in most departments.
These so called boss are seen as the most connected and alpha females  in a given circle. They command the highest respect, have the fattest bank accounts-most times- and  act as links to outings and activities that might accrue money to the girls.

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During times of disagreement, the boss acts as the mediator and supreme court. A typical illustration can be seen when a  female in the circle starts making out with another  female in the same circle without the consent of their existing sexual partners.
If found guilty, the erring ladies will be required to pay a certain fine so as not undergo punishment. Other times, they are sanctioned in other means.
In IMSU, what most lesbians look out for in innocent girls, can come in two folds: physical attraction or likeness.
Most lesbians go after a girl with curvy hips, round breast and sexy physique. These girls are only loved for their bodies and what they possess. So to this end, they are used as toys or bed warmers. as time goes on, these curvy girls are transferred to another girl in the circle who transfers her to the girl, and it keeps on going on.
The used girl in time is not only converted, but is also trapped and conformed to an independent swine with all the goodies and luxuries that are handed down to her.

For the other girl that is “liked”, she is strictly made the “girl friend” of her senior lesbian “boy friend.” This boyfriend plays the role of a real boyfriend in a real relationship and can never share her new catch with other girls.
Jealousy and fight can ensue when other girls stare in a lusting manner at the new girlfriend. She becomes the untouchable.

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It may not  be surprising to know the level of connection these girls possess within and outside the campus.
In most institutions, these girls have the phone numbers and secrets of most lecturers on their fingertip. So many of them will surprise  you with the level of acquaintance and rapport they have with most lecturers and how freely they frequent their offices in school.

Other connections comes from people outside the campus.
Since there are endless list of faceless lesbians in top public and  private institutions, these girls are stuffed with contacts of top notch persons in every state of the federation.
When invited for “girls night out” or “spinsters party”, these also places turn to be the very fertile ground to exchange contact, mingle and network.
Don’t be fooled, not every ladies night out is what it seems. Most of them are “lesbian night out”.

For Ferdinand Adindu (not real name), a three hundred level student of Political Science in UNIZIK, he broke up  his three years relationship  after discovering his girl  was a lesbian.
He points out that breaking off from lesbianism can be quite an uphill task.

He said:” for someone who is bisexual, breaking off might be easy. But for a strict lesbian, I must confess it can be a herculean venture.
“It takes only the grace of God, avoiding pornography, completely staying from that league of friends and opening to someone for counselling. That’s  the only remedy.”

Lesbianism is in our midst, and the sooner we understood its prevalence, the more young girls can be saved and shown the right path.

So the next time  you see two females fighting over an issue they won’t  like to talk about when after being separated, I wonder what comes to your mind.

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