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The Sex Ring and Married Female Students on Campus

The story of sex orgies, of Aristos, pimps and call girls abound in many Nigerian higher institutions but the new trend is that female students who are already engaged and others who are married while still schooling have formed sex rings in many schools.
These girls mock the honest effort of some traders largely from the Eastern part of the country who have the penchant to marry university graduates; even though they may not be as educated. There is a psychology accomplishment to it. Some even go as far as training their wives to earn their Masters degrees and brag about same when in midst of colleagues, friends and all.
There are also well-educated men in good jobs who also do this.
Some of these girls feeling that university social life may elude them so soon try to take all in one fell swoop. They live roughly, indulge in reckless sex and carry out all kinds of libidinal experiments, including Gorilla style!
In most case scenarios, it has been observed that most young ladies who are “engaged” to be married off to some “already made” dude turn out to be the most flirtatious and worst set of persons on campus.
Because these girls have the grand knowledge that it is only a matter of time before they move into their husband’s house, the rate at which they hang out, keep male “course mates and friends”, raise not a few eyebrow.In most cases, the “would-be” husbands to these girls rent an off campus lodge for them in a bid to give them privacy and visit occasionally. Well, just so  you know, some of these girls turn the place into a chalet of some sorts where they can have some “side dude” to keep them company all in the name of reading up.
And if  you think  you can keep them in check by monitoring them through constant impromptu phone calls and setting up a friend to spy on them, chances are that    you, alongside your spy will be beaten to your game that  you will vouch no man has seen your fiancée’s thighs, how much more unhooking her bra.

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Other cases include the young ladies who got married before their entrance into the university or during their second year(mostly third year).
How will  you know if these beautiful young ladies are married when most of them keep their wedding rings at home or the inner sections of their purse, dress up like most young ladies do and even give  you that listening ear when  you make advances at them?
The only time they get to present it is when they wish to present to a lecturer who is making advances at them on their marital status.

For the married ones who have built this “trust” with their spouse in some far away states of the federation, the activities with college boys is most times to keep body and soul together, and have that feeling of the days when they were single and ready to mingle.
Some others can’t just get over the fact they are now another man’s property-body and mind included.

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In the end, it just becomes a win- win game for these ladies because they leave school and let go these “adventurous” college boys, only to return to the hands of the “loving husbands” and the chapter of the past deeds closed up and locked in the deepest archives of their mind.

Mind  you, am not saying there are no virtuous engaged and married ladies on campus these days. They exist. But my line of thought comes from the path that the dirty mechanic and his overall have made it quite herculean to decipher the lunatics parading the streets.

So for the men who are quite impatient to see this ladies graduate before they slip the ring into their fingers, the suggestion is to allow them come to their final year or even become graduates.
That way, they (the women) must have seen it all, experienced it all and swam out victorious.
But if  you feel there is trust, effective communication and love, just bear in mind that in the world of women, impossible is nothing and they can spring up disturbing surprises.

The story is still rife in one of the state universities in the south-south part of the country where a girl picked a pliable, innocent boy and started taking care of him. She would buy him clothes; give him money and food while the boy attended to her pleasures in bed and in her notebooks. They would read togetherblow and when they sensuous air evokes the libido they transit to bodily pleasures and the girl would moan beyond the ceiling.
She thought him many things in bed; others were experimented on, and after, he became a good dude. But one day she invited her for sex. They went into a ferocious foreplay which whelped into sexual frenzy but when he wanted to enter her, she demanded for blow job, but his phallus was turgid and taut and desire oiled it into purpled colour.
She insisted on blow job (cunnilingus). Her legs were opened wide, and he got assigned. She shouted in excited and almost caused an earthquake, accomplishing multiple organisms. When she got satisfied she lifted his head and closed her legs. He wanted to enter; she refused. He became wretched with unquenched desire. He developed a sudden headache….the libido not satisfied has gone into his head.
That weekend passed and the story swept into the campus on Monday that the girls just completed her traditional marriage rights on Saturday! That chapter of sex orgies closed for the poor boy, but not without a tonsure of sadness.

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