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Lady shocked as young man ejaculates on her leg in bank (Photo)

Hmmmmmm… wonders shall never end !!!

This picture of a young man has gone viral on social media, as he was allegedly caught in the bank assaulting a young lady.

Young man caught in the bank as he poured 'sperm' on lady's leg (photo)

A lady with Instagram handle, @Mizz_Amaka_Chinny took to her Instgagram page on Monday, January 23, 2016, to recount her shocking experience with a pervert at a Diamond Bank branch in Nnewi, Anambra State.

She shared a photo of the young man and a rather disgusting snap of the sperm on her leg, writing,

“I went to Diamond bank (Nnewi) today and went to their customer service to lay a complaint but the crowd at the spot was much so I stood in one of the queues there.

“There was this guy (via pix) behind me I noticed he was somehow resting on me so I moved a little and he moved with me, I noticed something suspicious so I looked back I saw him crossed both of his hands covered with a paper down his waist….

“I kept mute and was busy with my phone I noticed something behind me again I turned and saw him with his hands at the same position so all of a sudden I felt something hot dripped on my leg to my utmost surprise it was sperm.

“I turned gat hold of him and gave him some hot slaps I know he has never received in his life before…. if not for the securities that intervene like seriously he won’t live to remember a day like this.

Her post below:

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Woman recounts experience with pervert in a bank

GROSS… konji is real o!

I really wonder what the lady did.

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